Stick and Puck

About Stick and Puck

At Rocket Ice Skating Rink we offer Stick and Puck ice times for adults and children. These are scheduled one hour times to get on the ice together and enjoy an open-ice hockey setting with full equipment. It is also a great way to share the sport you love with your child. Our hockey rink is a great place to practice on ice shooting, passing, and ice skating moves together. Rocket Ice Skating Rink offers frequent and consistent ice times for your convenience.

What to Expect

  • Full equipment required for ages 18 and younger.
  • Helmet required for all ages.
  • First 4 goalies are free.
  • Sign in at the front desk when you arrive.
  • Bring your own puck.
  • Have fun!

Year Round Sessions

We offer Stick and Puck times throughout the year. Our Rocket youth hockey players are some of the most committed boys and girls we have seen. It is our goal to facilitate their dedication to hockey no matter what time of year.

January Calendar

January 2018 Stick & Puck Calendar

February Calendar

February 2018 Stick & Puck Schedule

Day Off School?
Come to Stick and Puck

On days off of school, Rocket Ice Skating Rink always offers additional Stick and Puck ice times so parents and children can enjoy friendship, fitness, and fun on their day off. Be sure to check our calendar for dates and times. We monitor the surrounding school districts’ calendars to make sure we have several sessions on your day off; hockey never stops!

What To Practice During Your Stick & Puck Session

Stick and Puck is a great time for students and players to practice the skills they have been learning in class or during practice. Not only will you refine your skills, but you will have fun. You will be able to practice and improve…

  • Perfecting your shot
  • Stick Handling
  • Youth hockey training
  • Working on your passes
  • Sharpening your goal tending skills
After a Hockey Training Session at Rocket Ice Skating Rink's Stick and Puck a dad poses with his two sons.